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The Countywide Geographic Information System ( GIS ) in Palm Beach County includes: the technical infrastructure (hardware, software and network), applications, human resources, and data, within a multi-agency organization structure. This constitutes the Enterprise GIS (EGIS) that is in use by agencies that access the Countywide area network. The information infrastructure is in place for local government to utilize geographic and land data to support informed decision making, cost efficiency and responsible management.

The GIS also promotes enhanced taxpayer benefits through efficient information access. By facilitating citizenry access to government data and providing timely answers and feedback, government can be strategically directed to respond to the needs of the taxpayers. Government can stimulate productive business partnerships by being more market and enterprise oriented. Examples of this include data sharing partnerships with municipalities and other public entities, as well as the annual South Florida GIS Expo which operates as a public/private partnership.

Palm Beach County has built its EGIS on the foundation of a strong organization model and technical innovation. The use of GIS as an embedded, transparent part of business processes is unique and powerful. The coordination process employed accomplishes two things. First, it facilitates the business processes and outcomes of those agencies and business units that participate in the enterprise. Second, it helps to advance the interest of the enterprise overall through the broad concept of performance management, and by providing application and data publication or brokerage services.

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